My interest in Christian Science...

My interest in Christian Science was first aroused in 1917. At that time I was troubled with poor health, and a friend, knowing of my disabilities, recommended that I seek help through Christian Science. I soon got a copy of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy and began to study it daily. In about two weeks' time, with the aid of a Christian Science practitioner, I was healed of dysentery.

My next demonstration was the recovery from the effects of a severe accident. While watching a parade from the second floor of a theater building, I lost my balance and fell, crashing through a glass marquee, to the sidewalk. I was badly bruised and cut by flying glass, but immediately declared aloud that God was my life. After a few minutes I arose to my feet, feeling much better. I found that I had dislocated my right arm. That night, however, while I was having Christian Science treatment, the arm snapped back into place, and in a few days all the cuts and bruises had disappeared.

Testimony of Healing
About twenty years ago my...
June 23, 1951

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