[Of Special Interest to Young People]

A Successful singer has told of an incident which was the means of starting her on the road to her chosen career. After some years of hard work and self-denial in order to pursue her musical studies, she participated in an audition for a very desirable scholarship. A large number of the contestants had beautiful voices, and the judges found it hard to make their decision. Finally one of the judges noticed a neat darn in this particular singer's stocking and other details which showed that her attractive costume had been achieved through economy, industry, and good taste. The other judges were won to his viewpoint that these qualities would be an asset in the development of an artistic gift, and the incident of the darn became one of the factors in the awarding of the scholarship.

A circumstance which proves to be the turning point of a career may not often confront mortals; but it is the sum total of right thinking in everyday affairs that determines the nature and direction of experience and enables one to meet crises. To trust in luck, "pull," or superficial attractiveness is only to be heading for eventual disappointment, whereas unselfish devotion to a worthy achievement carries with it the needed ideas and qualities and guides human actions.

November 17, 1951

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