The Cohesion of Life, the Attraction of Love

Alert Christian Scientists are called upon to keep abreast of the times, and in fact a little ahead of them, lest they find themselves remiss in the essential task of rightly interpreting important advances in human progress. Our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, writes in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 232): "This age is reaching out towards the perfect Principle of things; is pushing towards perfection in art, invention, and manufacture. Why, then, should religion be stereotyped, and we not obtain a more perfect and practical Christianity? It will never do to be behind the times in things most essential, which proceed from the standard of right that regulates human destiny. Human skill but foreshadows what is next to appear as its divine origin."

The startling and sensational accomplishment of physical science in the field of atomic research is of such significance as to demand the earnest consideration of every Christian Scientist. To ignore it would be to admit tacitly the presence of an overwhelming material or mortal mind power without accepting the opportunity to secure for ourselves and others the great blessing that comes from reversing the sense of an overwhelming destructive material power with the understanding that true power is never destructive.

How Did Jesus Heal?
May 4, 1946

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