Eighteen years ago a physician...

Eighteen years ago a physician diagnosed my trouble as paralyzed intestines. Another physician diagnosed it as intestinal obstruction, and said an operation was imperative. About two years previous to this, the latter doctor had operated for prolapsus, but the nervousness and pain had only increased. I then had electric treatments, followed by osteopathic treatments; then a masseur said that all my nerve connections were gone but lie would build them up. However. I became weaker and was extremely fearful. I wore special arch supports. Severe colds came each winter, for which I used various medicines.

In my prayers I implored God to reveal Himself to me and cause me to love Him more. I could not understand many things which my church had taught me; among them, why an almighty, all-powerful God was apparently unable to overcome the power of evil. With all my pleadings and efforts to please God by attending church and teaching a Sunday school class, why must I always be sick and fearful instead of peaceful and joyous, as Christians were privileged to be? Had not Jesus promised, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you"?

Testimony of Healing
I am deeply grateful to God for...
February 10, 1945

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