The Lighted Candle

[Of Special Interest to Children]

Jimmie was a very small boy, so young, in fact, he had not even started to go to kindergarten. The world was a pretty big place to Jimmie, and sometimes he felt a little afraid of it. When his daddy had left for overseas, he had told Jimmie to take care of Mother and always to be brave. And Jimmie tried.

He did not say anything to his mother, but he did not like going upstairs alone at night, or being in his dark room after she had kissed him goodnight and closed the door. He was not sure he liked the thought of going to kindergarten in only a few more weeks. It meant leaving Mother all morning. Then there were Tommie and Jack, the boys next door. They were older than Jimmie and sometimes teased him.

February 3, 1945

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