Throwing Dust into the Air

What an intensely interesting document is the Acts of the Apostles! The history of that brave little band of Christians after the ascension of Christ Jesus is not only deeply moving, but at times dramatic and exciting. It is a trite saying that truth is stranger than fiction. Certainly the experiences of the Master's early followers present a narrative as engrossing and thought-arresting as any tales from the land of literary make-believe.

Take, for example, the amazing story of the Apostle Paul. What character of fictitious literature can approximate his indomitable courage, consistency, and adherence to Principle? His remarkable rightabout-face when the scales of blind, mistaken zeal fell from his eyes; his childlike turning to the religion he had so misunderstood and cruelly maligned, and his absolute fearlessness in carrying the message of spirituality to the brethren steeped in crass materialism—this historic record is not only stranger than any fiction, but makes most pleasurable and profitable reading. For years the Bible has been rated as a "best seller"; and this is understandable when it contains as fascinating a story as that unfolded in the Acts of the Apostles. Have you ever read consecutively the narratives contained in the chapters of the Acts? Read them aloud to children, or to a sympathetic friend. You will find it as absorbing as any novel.

Substance Is Ever Active
February 3, 1945

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