Overcoming Circumstance

When Moses stretched forth his hand over the Red Sea and its waters divided, he was obeying divine direction. Joshua must have experienced the same deep spiritual inspiration when he commanded the sun and moon to stand still. Elijah's keen spiritual perception saw only infinite supply instead of the widow's "handful of meal ... and a little oil in a cruse," and "the barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail" (I Kings 17:12,16).

Examples of such power over circumstance and physical laws were not limited to the older prophets only. Jesus gave many remarkable demonstrations of a spiritual understanding which set aside natural laws, as when he made the water wine at Cana, fed the five thousand, instructed Peter to get the tribute money in the fish's mouth, rebuked the wind and wave, was present with his disciples "the doors being shut" (John 20:26). On one occasion the ship in which he sailed, we are told, was "immediately ... at the land whither they went" (John 6:21).

The Lighted Candle
February 3, 1945

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