"The great point of departure"

Crowds of shoppers and commuters were hurrying through the railroad terminal to their suburban trains at the close of the business day. Suddenly a fear-filled cry, "Mama! Mama! Mama!" was heard above the noise of train bells, puffing engines, and the muffled scuffle of moving feet. A little child had found herself in a strange world of persons and things, as she wandered for a moment from her mother's side. At her cry, we turned to see that she already had found her mother close by. What made her fear? Separation—a belief she was lost and apart from her mother. When she knew she was not separated from her mother's protecting love, there was no fear. A sense of reunitedness to her mother dissolved it. In joyful security, her hand in her parent's, she went happily on her way.

We are all children—children of the one great Father-Mother God, the Life and the Mind which is the sole source and substance of us all. Our fears and our problems—all of them—result from our believing that we are separated from God. How sorely we need to discover that our great all-loving Parent—never a human personality—is self-existent intelligence, Mind, Love, uniting us in conscious oneness with Him, even as idea is one with Mind, its only substance and Life. Separation from God is never thought, feared, or felt by the child of God, for no forces exist that can sever the expression of Mind from Mind.

September 30, 1944

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