Would You Be a Practitioner?

A practitioner, of course, is one who practices. A mathematician is one who practices mathematics. A Christian Scientist is one who practices, who strives to live, the great truths of his religion. Thus everyone who has touched the hem of the healing message of Christian Science should consider himself, in the broadest sense of the word, a practitioner of Christian Science, and therefore should feel that he is about his Father's business.

Suppose a young student of Christian Science, one who is not a recognized and listed practitioner in The Christian Science Journal, is asked to heal a sick friend. Should that student decline to offer "a cup of cold water ... in the name of a disciple," to use the Master's words, because he or she is not an advertised worker in the movement? Certainly not. If to the best of his ability the student has been putting into practice the truths he has learned, he is a practicing Christian Scientist, and as such should happily and confidently respond to an appeal for aid.

"The great point of departure"
September 30, 1944

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