I am so filled with gratitude that...

I am so filled with gratitude that the overflow finds its way on paper. Practically all my life I had been under the care of physicians. Four specialists in different parts of the country examined me and advised a major operation. Two of them said that a second operation would be necessary to correct the results of the first, but not one of them promised recovery or cure; so I decided that I would not submit to this but would go on as I was as long as I could, though suffering much pain. However, when things were blackest and there seemed nowhere to turn, I turned to God and in my anguish asked Him where He was! Would He fail me in my extreme hour of trial? He had been so close when I was a child.

Suddenly, a light dawned and "Christian Science" was whispered into my consciousness. I knew nothing of it, but the next angel thought said to me, "It heals." This was enough. I smiled through my tears, and as an old garment my troubles fell away, all except heart trouble and the fear of falling. I was afraid to go up or down stairs because of this. This fear was eventually healed through earnest study of our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, and the heart trouble was healed with the help of a practitioner.

About six weeks after this truth dawned in my thought the text-book was given to me by a relative who was visiting in the home at the time. I was overjoyed and sat down at once to read, but could not see a word; the pages were all blank! I had not been able to read or sew for several years and many times could not see at all, so when I found that I could not read the little book I laid it upon the piano and went on as usual.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to send in my expression...
April 17, 1943

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