"All is well"

The evidence of the material senses may tell us that our condition is wrong or needs to be improved; and our material education may have been such that the reports of these senses are accepted without question. What a wonderful thing it would be if each one of us could realize and prove in his every experience that all is well!

As we study the story of the Shunammite woman, given in II Kings, we realize that her assurance was not occasioned by a blind faith. Through her association with Elisha, she had discerned in some degree the power of spiritual understanding to overcome material conditions. Her reply to the inquiry, "Is it well with thee?" was simple, and yet full of meaning. The affirmation, "It is well," was so contrary to the evidence of the material senses that none can doubt her conviction and confidence in the power of God, as manifested through Elisha's understanding. Her unwavering trust was rewarded by the restoration of her son to life.

On Thinking Rightly
May 4, 1940

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