Many times I have been greatly blessed by the testimonies...

Many times I have been greatly blessed by the testimonies printed in the Christian Science weekly and monthly publications, and I should like to relate an experience I had shortly after I became interested in Christian Science.

I had been an invalid for about ten years, when specialists told my husband that there was nothing they could do for me, and that I might live a week, or possibly two. Some of my troubles were due to an inward goiter and a growth on another part of my body. I then heard of a Christian Science church near my home. I attended services several times, and decided to see a practitioner. She was so kind that I visited her several times. One day I told her of some of my troubles, especially of being very weak, but I do not remember having told her at any time about these growths. She told me to go home and study Mrs. Eddy's interpretation of the twenty-third Psalm (Science and Health, p. 578), which I did. After I had read for some time and studied the interpretation, I got up from my chair. I was free. The goiter and growth were gone forever. I could not begin to tell of the wonderful freedom that came with this healing. I felt very light and free. I then knew something of the power of God. I could hardly wait for my husband to come home that evening and rejoice with me.

March 2, 1940

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