"No corrupt communication"

PAUL wrote to the Ephesians, "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good." Surely conversation about sin and disease does not come under the head of "good." If mankind would ever know freedom from the woes that follow in the wake of "corrupt communication," it must be more holy in its manner of conversation. For health and happiness cannot thrive in the sordid atmosphere where evil is believed in and spoken.

But one might naturally ask, "How does my manner of conversation bear upon my health and happiness?" Christian Science teaches that both cause and effect are mental. Conversation is the expression of our thought, and our thinking governs our bodies. All that God creates, and God is the only creator, is good and perfect. There can be nothing outside of His perfect creation. To give unnecessary voice to or listen to error without mentally rebuking and so destroying it, is to deny good and give power to evil. It is the duty of every student of Christian Science to guard well his thought against false rumors and reports, and to dwell on that which is good alone, rejecting all else as unreal.

October 26, 1940

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