Mastering Mesmerism

For many centuries men have been told that God is good, omnipresent, and omnipotent; and in the same breath with these benedictions scholastic theology has sounded the maledictory statement that evil is real, influential, attractive, and even unescapable. How revolutionary, then, was the declaration voiced by Mary Baker Eddy that the Science of Christianity taught by Christ Jesus consistently posits and proves the omnipotence of God and divine Love, and the consequent impotence of evil and all discord! God's revelation to Mrs. Eddy of the nature and infinite power of divine Mind and law carried with it the blessed assurance that whatever is unlike divine Truth must be false, baseless, unattractive, nonintelligent, powerless.

These declarations are directly in line with the spiritual teachings of the Master, who not only taught the truth about God, but stated that Satan was a liar and the father of lies, and who proved this statement by annulling the claims of sin and sickness, and by breaking the bonds of fear and limitation with which material theories and scholasticism had frightened and fettered men. Those, however, who had no other sense of mind than the human belief in both good and evil, accused Jesus of healing by Beelzebub, which may be regarded as the first century designation of mesmerism.

The Might of Meekness
October 12, 1940

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