"For the healing of the nations"

Those who have learned something of Christian Science find that they profit by considering afresh from time to time its evident significance for mankind. What is its broad meaning for the world? Through proofs which no one who has examined them impartially can question, Christian Science has shown that spiritual power is an actuality, and that it is a treasure, surpassing all merely human concepts of treasure, which is available for everyone. It has shown not only that this power is real, but that it is in no way mysterious, except to those who have not taken the necessary steps for understanding it; that it can be accurately known and demonstrated according to fixed rules, which, when properly observed, are found to be infallible.

This Science has revealed that spiritual power, by its nature, means enrichment, of truly satisfying character, to everyone who demonstrates it, and that its benefits are available in every department of human experience. If there has been poor physical health, spiritual power can be utilized through Christian Science to heal it. If there has been ineffectiveness or frustration, it can correct that. If there is want, it can supply sufficiency; if loneliness, happy and inspiring companionship; if strife, peace; if grief, joy. Furthermore, if conditions are already reasonably good, it can make them better.

October 12, 1940

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