Reign of Righteousness

In the economic and political chaos of recent years the people have been giving more careful thought to the question of government; and it is widely recognized that stability and justice will never be attained by the transferring of one race or class to the dominant power of another. Throughout human history the outbursts of long-smoldering hatred and resentment, followed by war, have resulted in various other manifestations of evil. Something more is needed than outward change.

Christian Science shows that nothing less than a change of thought from a material to a spiritual basis can frustrate the forces of evil and establish the reign of righteousness. Evil, or error, is an illusory power, which preys upon the false belief that man lives in and is dependent upon matter. All materiality, manifested in physical, moral, and social ills, originates in the carnal mind and seems real only to that so-called mind. Error can never substantiate its claims to power when they are opposed with the counter facts of immortal Mind. Let the truth about God's omnipotence be known let His creation be recognized as including all that really exists, and evil's pretensions to power are annulled, and thought is established on an indestructible foundation.

"Having done all, to stand"
November 18, 1939

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