True Gratitude

Christian Scientists are always grateful to God for their understanding of His ever-presence and goodness. They are grateful to the master Christian, Christ Jesus, for what he went through that we might have more abundant life. They are increasingly grateful to Mary Baker Eddy for bringing Christian Science to humanity.

At one time a student of Christian Science did not seem to be demonstrating the good that rightfully belonged to him. In fact, he was in considerable difficulty, not having a position that sufficiently supplied his needs. He went to a Christian Science practitioner, who listened very attentively to what he had to say and then made this statement: "I do not believe you are sufficiently grateful for the good that has already come to you, and I suggest that you take immediate steps to change your thinking, and make a genuine effort to be grateful for every good thing that presents itself to you. Keep after this, and learn above all to be constantly grateful for your understanding of Life, Truth, and Love." The student left the practitioner's office and resolved to enlarge his thinking, and in deep humility began to express gratitude for each step he took.

"There is always more of love"
May 22, 1937

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