It is with a heart filled with gratitude that I present...

It is with a heart filled with gratitude that I present this testimony. Before I became studious in my pursuit of Christian Science, the thumb on my right hand was broken while I was playing ball on a sand lot. I paid very little attention to it during the remainder of the game, and when I reached home late in the afternoon my wife did the best she could in setting and bandaging it. I was working nights at that time, and while occasionally the thumb was painful, yet I lost no time from my work. But there was a peculiar feeling in this thumb most of the time, so I knew it was not set right. About fifteen years later this same thumb was broken again. In the meantime I had taken up the study of Christian Science in earnest, and had been studying for about eight years. When this second accident occurred I relied absolutely on Christian Science, went to my books, and also asked for help from a practitioner, and in less than thirty minutes I was completely healed and have experienced no pain or discomfort from this condition since. This is only one of many healings I have experienced over a period of nineteen years since taking up the study of Christian Science.

I had two other instantaneous healings of broken bones, and have been healed of influenza, smallpox, stomach trouble, and blood poisoning in its worst form.

Testimony of Healing
With gratitude to God and to Mary Baker Eddy, I wish...
May 22, 1937

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