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Your God Is There

From the October 2, 1937 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Your God is there, where dangers seem encircling;
They are but dust of dreams that have no place
In Mind's infinitude and Love's protection,
Wherein you dwell in safety, beauty, grace.

Your God is there, where wanton ill seems lurking
To snatch your peace or fell you low in pain.
Such threats are proved unauthorized and empty,
For God is Love: His power the only reign.

Your God is there, though slander seem to flay you.
The barbs of hatred cannot stay the might
He gives to you through prayer and consecration,
And Love that shields you in a robe of right.

Your God is there, where lack would seem to bind you.
It cannot fetter life, in good complete;
For all is yours by birthright of abundance
In Spirit's freedom, full and grand and sweet.

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