"Straight to the course"

There is a little plant, found in some of the western and southern states, which is called the compass plant, because no matter what the weather may be, it always turns the edges of its leaves toward the north and south. Day after day, they never swerve from these fixed directions. When the writer first heard of this plant she thought of these qualities: steadfastness, faithfulness, and constancy.

The student of Christian Science will do well to ask himself if he is always faithful in keeping his thought toward the goal he wishes to reach; or does he permit himself at times to lean in some other direction? It is well often to ask ourselves this question: Do we turn wholeheartedly to divine Mind for guidance each hour of the day, or do we occasionally turn aside and follow the so-called human mind's confusing suggestions? One's aim should be to acquire the individuality or true selfhood which God has bestowed on man. This can be brought to human realization through Christian Science. The earnest student of this Science soon learns that there is only one way to reach and to stay on the path to health and harmony, and he knows that he cannot swerve from this one positive way, but must maintain a steadfast adherence to Truth.

Helping International Conditions
January 2, 1937

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