The Mists Shall Roll Away

The road to the mountaintop led through a dense forest. Some young people were walking slowly upward. Unaccustomed to climbing, they often sat down to rest; they were determined to reach the top, however, and enjoy the extensive view of the fields and a beautiful lake. When after several hours they reached the summit they were dismayed, for the view they had set out to enjoy was obscured by a heavy mist. Much discouraged, they sat down. Would the mist clear away, they wondered, or would they be obilged to walk down again without having obtained a clear view?

They sat quietly for some time. All at once one exclaimed, "See, the mist is becoming less dense!" "That is only your imagination!" answered a discouraged voice. But after some time they all sprang up. The mist was dispersing! As they stood watching, the mist gradually lifted, as though a curtain had been drawn aside. They caught glimpses of the lake, of trees far below, and soon the sunshine broke through. Detail after detail in the landscape gradually stood out clearly and beautifully, till the sun had completely swept away all mist and they gazed with delight upon the glorious view now before them.

"Questions and answers"
August 15, 1936

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