Supply as Spiritual Reflection

Man has supply because he reflects God. The first chapter of Genesis states that God made man in His own image and after His likeness. Christian Science is the glorious discovery of the great truth, namely, that man is the full and perfect expression of God. Such being the fact, man has nothing underived from God, nor can he, as God's reflection, be incomplete or lack in any degree that which God includes. Therefore, man manifests supply, and, furthermore, supply is wholly spiritual.

The human mind challenges this statement. So imbued is it with the belief that supply is material, and that it comes to the individual through material channels and toilsome effort rather than from within, through spiritual discernment and divine reflection, that it seems difficult for the human consciousness to accept the statement that in reflecting Life, man reflects all that constitutes Life. Like the man in Jesus' parable who pulled down his barns and built greater, and said to his soul, "Thou hast much goods laid up for many years," mortals seek security in material possessions, only to find them fleeting, insecure, and illusory. Then they believe themselves to be in lack. Every manifestation of lack is but an illusion of fear, of ignorance, or of sin.

Omnipresent Sanctuary
August 15, 1936

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