Omnipresent Sanctuary

Spiritual healing was the foundation upon which Jesus established his Church. He proved the possibility of spiritual healing for all who were ready to receive it. Even when the surrounding conditions seemed to be antagonistic and unfavorable, there he proved the healing activity and availability of the Christ. He healed multitudes, and in face of opposition of the scholastic theology and hatred of the rabbis, Christ Jesus healed in the synagogue on the Sabbath day.

When he restored Jairus' little daughter to life, he took with him only the child's parents, whose faith had sought his aid, and Peter, James, and John, whose thoughts were in accord with his. Then putting out those who were falsely believing in the presence of death, he "took her by the hand, ... and she arose straightway." On another occasion, when Peter's faith seemed too little to enable him to walk over the boisterous billows, there was the power of Christ ready to sustain him.

The Mists Shall Roll Away
August 15, 1936

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