"The joy of the Lord is your strength"

It is recorded of Jesus, in the thirteenth chapter of Luke, that "all the people rejoiced for all the glorious things that were done by him." When Christian Scientists consider that they have not only the record of these glorious works of Jesus over which to rejoice, but, in addition, present proofs of the operation of God's law, when understandingly applied in human affairs through the teachings of this Science, surely they can do no less than express continuous gratitude, joy, and delight. In the last few years depression has seemed to be manifested in all walks of life, and it requires fidelity to Truth, as well as alertness on the part of the student, to avoid carelessly admitting it into his thinking and conversation. Depression is the opposite of joy, and since no fountain can "both yield salt water and fresh," it follows that only one of these opposite qualities of thinking can fill our consciousness, or be real. It is for each individual Christian Scientist to decide which shall be established in his thinking, the true or the false.

Joy—a certain result of spiritual understanding—is a divinely mental quality that has associated with it the ability to uplift thinking, the strength to vanquish gloom, the light with which to dispel the darkness of discouragement, and the power to lead right endeavor to the fullness of demonstration. Joy is a concomitant of success. Joy is a characteristic of Christianity, an evidence of conscious unity with God.

The Fallacy—"I have no time"
May 23, 1936

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