Tenderness, compassion, love—who knows not their power to harmonize, comfort, and heal? If we would be convinced of this, we have but to turn to the records in the New Testament of the Master's ministry. How tenderhearted he was, how compassionate! His love went out to all who sought him, blessing them. The children felt it, understood it, and loved him in return. The sick were drawn to him because of it, and the spiritual understanding which inspired it healed them. The sinning lost their sinful desires as they came under its divine influence—became followers of good, and entered upon the enjoyment of the harmony which always accompanies spiritualized thought.

Tenderness is the constant companion of love that is spiritual. Christian Science declares that God is infinite Mind, infinite Love, and that all the attributes or qualities of God partake of His nature and are therefore perfect. It declares, further, that man, Mind's idea, reflects the perfect qualities of God. The source of love, then, is God, divine Love; and since divine Love is infinite, the love which man reflects is unlimited. The significance of this is that we—all of us—being in our spiritual selfhood the image or reflection of God, can draw without measure on divine Love, showing forth love in constant, compassionate, merciful tenderness. David, in his psalm, as given in II Samuel 22:36, acknowledges God as his protector, and that it was His "gentleness" that made him great. His words are, "Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation: and thy gentleness hath made me great."

May 23, 1936

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