In her Message to The Mother Church for 1900, Mrs. Eddy wrote (p. 2), "The song of Christian Science is, 'Work—work—work—watch and pray.'" Why did our Leader, who chose her words prayerfully and carefully, measure activity in Christian Science with three parts of work to one of watchfulness and one of prayer? Is it not quite as necessary to watch and to pray as it is to work? Mrs. Eddy indicates throughout her writings that it is. Doubtless her wisdom and experience proved that putting the emphasis on work helps to guard against the tendency of mortals to let meditation, religious ecstasy, and good intentions take the place of actual accomplishment. Her use of the word "song" in connection with work conveys the idea of joyful expression, an activity both spontaneous and uplifting.

One definition of "work" is, "Application of effort to some purpose." Another definition is, "The generic term for any continuous application of energy toward an end."

The True Vision
May 23, 1936

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