A Song in Our Hearts

[Written Especially for Young People]

Last spring there were two tiny wrens intent on occupying a white swinging tree house. In fact, it evidently was just the place they had been looking for. It was great fun to watch this busy couple bringing bits of string, twigs, and so on, with which to make a nest, and there was a lesson to be learned from the little birds. Each time after depositing the material they would fly to a branch and there warble a little song. As they were watched daily they never failed to do this. The happy song seemed very significant. There was so much to be done to put the home in order, and a countless number of trips were made hither and yon—yet there was always time for a song. To the listeners it seemed like a carol of joy and gratitude.

With us all there have been times when singing might have seemed very difficult, when, for instance, we were having to carry out an irksome task and play was tempting us, or when, in our schoolwork, we were confronted with something that seemed a bit beyond our ability to accomplish. And yet if we would stop for but a moment and know that always there may be in our hearts a song of love, of joy for the blessings we have received and the expectancy of more to come, our tasks would then seem lighter, and we should be grateful for the responsibility that has been entrusted to us, even though it be mowing a lawn or preparing an examination paper.

February 16, 1935

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