Lesson of the Gnarled Tree

A Student of Christian Science was reminded of how Jesus frequently withdrew from the multitude to the solitude of the desert or mountains to commune with God. He had gone to the mountains for a period of much-needed spiritual refreshment and was slowly ascending a trail. His thoughts were so filled with self-pity, as he compared his apparently difficult mental journey with his laborious climb up the slope, that he failed to enjoy the invigorating freshness of the balsam-scented breeze and the picturesque beauty of the panorama around him.

Suddenly he stopped and raised his eyes. A short distance ahead a solitary pine tree stood on the crest of a ridge. Its top was torn and twisted by the buffeting of many storms. It looked almost grotesque. Wearily he turned and looked down the mountainside to the protected valley far below. There all was serene. Did this symbolize the security, affluence, and peace for which he yearned? Perhaps!

Applying Christian Science
November 2, 1935

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