The Kingdom Within

There is a widespread tendency nowadays to look for new forms of government in order to improve existing conditions. Indeed, interesting experiments to this end are being made in several parts of the world. The sponsors of these plans, however, give the impression that they are thinking mainly of outward regulations. They seem insufficiently to take into account the fact that, since the world consists primarily of individuals, if the individuals comprising the nations do not advance, reforms in government cannot be lasting. Besides this, observation teaches that most governmental experiments eventuate in a way different from what the planners outlined.

An illustration of this may be found in Biblical history. In the centuries preceding the birth of Jesus of Nazareth many visualized the coming of the Messiah as a personal king with the mission to restore the worldly grandeur of the Jewish race. Few of them recognized the advent and career of Christ Jesus as the fulfillment of prophecy; and so, many would not believe that he was the Messiah. If those political reformers had been satisfied by the Master in their material expectations, his influence might not have exceeded the influence of the average Eastern potentate. King Herod's importance in the world at large has long since faded out, while the words and works of Christ Jesus, who revealed the kingdom of God, are fructifying human thought and inspiring it to nobler achievements.

"Abreast of the times"
June 9, 1934

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