I thank God for Christian Science

I thank God for Christian Science. With deep gratitude I wish to tell of a healing which took place in my family. The five-year-old son of my sister, who is not a Scientist, succumbed to infantile paralysis during an epidemic. His temperature was very high, and the attending physician said that he was dangerously ill. The child became worse, so a specialist was called in, and oxygen had to be administered so that he could breathe, for they claimed that his throat was paralyzed. Finally the specialist and physician said it was hopeless—that the child was in the hands of God, and that it would be a miracle if he lived.

My sister then asked me to get help from a Christian Science practitioner. I called a practitioner and asked her to treat my nephew, and on the day she took up treatment his temperature went down to normal and remained so during the entire time of treatment. For the two following weeks absent treatment only was given, the practitioner never seeing either my sister or the boy. The throat paralysis was healed and also stomach and kidney paralysis. Within three weeks the child was up and entirely normal. The doctor considered it a miracle, claiming that in this type of paralysis the patient hardly ever recovered. When I saw my nephew for the first time after this condition was healed he was plumper and looked better than he ever had before.

Testimony of Healing
Over two years ago I had a beautiful healing of a sprained...
June 9, 1934

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