Spiritual Awakeness

Spiritual awakeness is included in God's likeness, and is entirely unaffected by any mesmeric dream of materiality. In order that one may manifest this desirable state, it is necessary to see that spiritual awakeness is not humanly evolved or acquired: it is a divinely intelligent state of consciousness maintained in man by divine Mind. Even as sickness has not to be turned into health, or impurity into purity, so dreaming does not have to be turned into awakeness. It has but to vanish. It is from the basis of Spirit that the Christian Scientist claims for himself the gift of spiritual awakeness, just as he taught to claim his spiritual heritage of health, purity, and joy.

All will agree that a beneficent influence beyond the scope of the five senses lends beauty to human character and makes true idealism available even in the midst of apparent materialism. Tokens of God's presence with men constantly quicken human consciousness, pierce the clouds of sense, purge the heart, and inspire noble achievements.

Item of Interest
Item of Interest
June 9, 1934

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