Over two years ago I had a beautiful healing of a sprained...

Over two years ago I had a beautiful healing of a sprained ankle and dislocated kneecap, as well as of severe bruises, skinned places, and terrible soreness, resulting from a fall. I was walking one evening after dark and realized that I was approaching an offset in the pavement, but continued on my way. As I was ready to step down my left ankle turned and threw me with terrific force down this incline on my right knee. My first realization was of intense suffering. My husband was with me, and immediately we began to work as we are taught in Christian Science. In about five minutes I was able to get on my feet, and with his aid I walked about a block and a half to our room. I suffered intensely for about two hours, but fell asleep and rested well until early the next morning, when, on awakening, I found I could not move on account of the soreness and badly sprained ankle. Again we worked to see the truth about man. Very soon the soreness gave way and the ankle began to appear normal. Then I discovered that the kneecap was entirely out of its right position; I merely pushed it into its right place, and very soon the soreness disappeared. This took place on a Thursday evening, and by Saturday evening I walked eight blocks without aid or discomfort. This has proved a permanent healing.

Many times I have proved my perfect relationship with God through the study of Christian Science, but the physical healing is only a small part of the blessing I have had, for through this study I have found God, whose power is available here and now, and I am learning to love more and to see my fellow man as God's idea. I am grateful to have found a religion which proves that God is Love and teaches us that right living has its reward here.

Testimony of Healing
Some years ago when, according to mortal belief, I was...
June 9, 1934

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