As I am one of the many thousands who have been...

As I am one of the many thousands who have been healed in Christian Science, I feel that I must take advantage of the privilege we have of relating our demonstrations through the columns of our periodicals. In thinking of my childhood days I remember how my dear mother used to read to us from a big old family Bible. At that time we lived in a log house in the backwoods, and as newspapers and other literature were scarce, we took quite an interest in the Scriptures. By the time I was fifteen years old I had studied the Bible more than anything else. Many times I questioned my mother about the healings accomplished by the disciples, and asked why we were unable to do likewise. She would always answer, "We could if we had enough faith." I believed her, but my prayers still seemed to go unanswered.

A short time after I was married my mother passed on. I seemed to lose faith in everything, even doubting if any of the promises in the Bible were true. I became so engulfed in this error that there arose in me a hatred for the church. I would listen to any argument against Christianity and would try to agree with the error, but all this time I knew deep down in my heart that I was wrong. My health kept failing, I became ill, and at last I was pronounced a victim of tuberculosis.

Testimony of Healing
O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his...
April 28, 1934

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