"God requireth that which is past"

[Written Especially for young People]

A sunday school student approached her teacher and asked to be shown how to solve a problem. It seemed that the entire office force where she was employed had received a salary reduction of ten per cent a few weeks previously, and had been informed that on the following pay day there was to be a similar decrease. Since the young girl was helping to support her family, the reduction in income seemed a big problem, and consequently she was depressed and worried.

As the first step in solving this problem, the girl was told not to accept as real any suggestion of reduction in her true income, since God's love is ever pouring forth abundantly, and He has never in any way limited or reduced its flow. The next step was to hold fast to the scientific fact that all of God's ideas are ever employed in the glorious activity of reflecting Him. In this ceaseless activity there is no retrogression or standstill, since He is eternal and self-existent Life, and therefore there is no possibility of His reducing or withholding His supply of good from any one of His children.

My Own Song
April 14, 1934

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