I offer this testimony out of sincere gratitude for what...

I offer this testimony out of sincere gratitude for what the study of Christian Science has done for me, hoping it may help someone in a moment of need.

When Christian Science came to me, every material aid had failed, and eight doctors had pronounced my case beyond their power. For three years and a half I had been in a very miserable condition, supposed to be the after effects of influenza and an operation, and had spent more time in bed than out of it. After reading Science and Health for a short time I discovered that man is not, and never has been, a miserable, sick, or suffering mortal, but that he is the blessed child of God, made in His own image and likeness. Ever since then this textbook has been my daily guide; and through the study of it I have grown to understand God as good, and to see more good in other people. This new view of God and man entirely changed my thoughts and actions, and I was healed of mental and bodily suffering.

Testimony of Healing
As I recall the great help which Christian Science has...
March 24, 1934

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