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God's love is great. I found this statement to be true,...

God's love is great. I found this statement to be true, after I had been believing for many years that I could live without God's care. For about twenty years I suffered from rheumatism, and in later years it was accompanied by many other ills. I was especially troubled with asthma. I am a traveling business man, my work taking me all through Germany; and there is hardly a town or city where I have not visited a drug store. It was always my custom to carry a little case of medicines with me, and great quantities of herbs were sent me; but the more remedies I used, the worse my trouble became. During the last few years I was obliged to discontinue every trip because of illness.

In February, 1929, while on a trip I was taken very ill with rheumatism, kidney trouble, and pneumonia. Guided by God's loving-kindness, I found a furnished room at the home of a Christian Scientist. My landlady, who cared for me as she would have cared for a child, acquainted me with Christian Science, but I did not want to know anything about it. I read some copies of Der Herold, however, and after long resistance I asked for a practitioner. Her visit worked wonders in my physical condition, for after an hour I had no further pain whatever, although I was lying in bed motionless, my whole body completely stiff, with the hands and legs greatly swollen. The kidney trouble completely disappeared in a few hours; and when the pneumonia and asthma went, I do not know. At any rate these severe ills had entirely vanished in a few days. The rheumatism did not yield so readily; but through firm faith in Truth, this complaint too was overcome, and a week before Easter I was able to take the trip home. On reaching home I contracted rheumatism again. My wife immediately wrote to the practitioner, who took up the work at once, and in a very short time I was completely healed. The little case in which I formerly took medicines is now a fine place for the Bible, Science and Health, and copies of Der Herold; and these are never missing on any trip.

Testimony of Healing
When Christian Science was first presented to me I was...
March 24, 1934

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