I cannot find words to express the joy that came to me...

I cannot find words to express the joy that came to me five years ago when, after several months of treatment from a practitioner, and earnest reading from the Bible and Science and Health, I glimpsed the truth that Jesus said would make us free.

For over two years I had been in a condition of seemingly hopeless insanity. To mortal sense the condition was too horrible for words. The problem of being I could not understand; my thoughts seemed to be paralyzed on the subject of death. I thought because I had rebelled so bitterly against death that I was doomed to an eternal torment. I was an earnest believer in God and had been all my life, but I could not understand why He should afflict His children with disease. I saw no other source from which this state could come, as I believed that all things came from God. According to medical belief, I was also the victim of a so-called incurable disease. However, I had no thought of physical healing—my one desire was to learn the truth about God and man. I prayed day and night as best I knew how. At that time I was confined to a hospital for the insane.

Testimony of Healing
I offer this testimony out of sincere gratitude for what...
March 24, 1934

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