When Christian Science was presented to me about ten...

When Christian Science was presented to me about ten years ago I had been under medical treatment for almost two years for rheumatic fever followed by rheumatoid arthritis. My condition was such that I could not use my hands for any purpose at all, and had to be helped when desiring a change of position. One Sunday my wife brought home the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, very kindly lent by a new-found friend. Before completing the reading of the Preface and the first chapter, which took about two weeks, I realized that I could move about the room, although with a little difficulty, and that I had been using my hands for some days. Thus encouraged I persevered in my study; and by relinquishing the old thoughts about religion and medicine, and accepting the truth about God and man as presented in Christian Science, and putting into practice what I was learning, good progress was made. Love corrected a very bad temper and the use of unseemly language. The desire for alcohol was very soon overcome. The physical healing took about two years to complete, but I refused to allow anything to mar my hope of complete freedom. I may say here that the smoking habit was not finally destroyed until a much later time, when it became very clear that God could not be faithfully served while I was clinging to any sense of self-indulgence.

I am very grateful for this healing, and for others of chronic biliousness, pleurisy, and a fractured rib. Above all I feel unable to express adequately my gratitude for the spiritual regeneration which I am constantly experiencing. I am grateful to Christ Jesus, our Way-shower, and to our revered Leader for her patient, loving work for mankind; also for membership in The Mother Church and an active branch church; and for the privilege of class instruction.—James R. Cearns-Owen, Hightown, Lancashire, England.

Testimony of Healing
Over a period of about seven years Christian Science was...
February 24, 1934

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