When I receive my literature I always read the testimonies...

When I receive my literature I always read the testimonies first, and I am so often benefited that I want to send in the account of a healing I had recently, hoping someone may be helped by reading it. I have had many healings in Christian Science, both physical and financial, and have gained much contentment from it.

While I was visiting in a very small place where the population is entirely Spanish, with the exception of my friends, who are Christian Scientists, one of my fingers was bitten by a fly which is considered poisonous. I did not do my mental work as I should have done, and was awakened in the night by itching and pain. The finger was so swollen that I could not bend it, and I felt sick. Knowing that I had to bring my thoughts into conformity with Truth, I called my friend and asked her to light the lamp so that I could read the Lesson in the Christian Science Quarterly. I read and worked for some time and then went to sleep, feeling refreshed; but in the morning the finger was no better. My husband came for me in a motor car, and I wrapped the finger so that he could not see that it was swollen and infected. That night I went to my room early, very much frightened, mortal mind telling me that the inflammation was spreading up my arm, and that if my husband knew it I should have to go to a doctor, who might amputate the arm.

Testimony of Healing
During the past sixteen years we have had many wonderful...
February 24, 1934

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