Right Use of Our Time

On many men and women the hurry and fret of what the world calls "modern living" press strongly. Whether one be a business man, a teacher, homemaker, or other worker, his daily activities make almost endless demands on him, and many of these demands are right and necessary. Frequently the earnest Christian Scientist, confronted with some such situation, finds himself at a loss to know how to choose the "one thing ... needful" or, having chosen it, to know how to adjust the myriad other demands made upon his time and attention.

Yet, eventually and essentially the whole question narrows itself down to the single one which, from our earliest steps in the study of Christian Science, we have seen to be the vital one, namely, the necessity for proving our oneness with God. Many times we may have said to ourselves, "God's work is done," and have tried to realize the truth of this assertion. We may still believe, however, that by our work we must add something to this perfect creation.

"Our own great opportunities"
February 24, 1934

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