Over a period of about seven years Christian Science was...

Over a period of about seven years Christian Science was presented to me by loving friends who knew my need, but I did not seem to be ready for it. After doctoring with many physicians for internal troubles, and my condition becoming worse rather than improved, I realized that I must change my course. I had been told that an operation was the only help for me but that I had only one chance out of ten of living through it. Becoming very much discouraged and despondent, I felt that there was nothing to look forward to. I had already had two surgical operations, and I believed I could not undergo another. I had no more faith in doctors. But the physician who had attended me for the four months preceding had said repeatedly: "Do not be discouraged. You must have faith in God and trust your doctor." After turning these words over in my thought for days it came to me like a flash, Why not have faith in God and trust in God? This I decided to do. That evening a loved sister-in-law came to see me. I asked for her copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, which she immediately brought me. I read in bed all the next day; first, the chapter on Prayer and then the chapter on Christian Science Practice. Before I had finished I arose, healed. The next day I realized that I could not conscientiously deprive my sister-in-law of so wonderful a book, so I went to the public library to get one, not knowing about the Christian Science Reading Rooms. As I came from the building I seemed to be walking on air, and walked home a distance of nine blocks, mostly uphill, which I had not been able to do for some time.

Since then, compared to the previous twelve years, I have lost very little time on account of illness. Christian Science has been my only physician. I have had many healings, some with the aid of practitioners and some by my own efforts. An injured foot was healed through my reading the textbook all night. The next morning I was able to put on my shoe at the last minute before going to work, and I worked all day. No one but my husband knew about this for weeks afterward.

Testimony of Healing
When I receive my literature I always read the testimonies...
February 24, 1934

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