During the past sixteen years we have had many wonderful...

During the past sixteen years we have had many wonderful healings. I was cured of blood poisoning following childbirth, after two leading doctors had said that I could not live until morning unless I went to the hospital and had an operation. This I refused to do. We telephoned to a Christian Science practitioner, and forty-five minutes later the inharmonious condition passed away, with practically no pain. The doctors had said that I must have an operation or I should never be well, also that I should not walk or drive for at least six months. Within three weeks I took a motor trip covering over a thousand miles, and ever since I have been better than ever before.

Shortly after this we moved to a smaller town where there was no church or practitioner. One morning our small daughter was suddenly taken ill. As to sense she was very sick, and there was much fear manifested around us, we called the local doctor. He said that she had appendicitis and that unless she was better by night he would have to operate. We telephoned to a practitioner, and within half an hour the fever was gone and the child was asleep. Upon waking two hours later she said, "Mother, I'm well; God has healed me!" The doctor called at seven, took one look at her, and said, "I can't understand it, the change is remarkable." Then my husband told him that we were Christian Scientists and that we had turned to this Science for help. The doctor replied, "I don't care if it is Christian Science or what it is—I thank God she is better."

February 24, 1934

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