This is the Harvest Hour

Through the practice of Christian Science the passing of what is called time can in every case register gain in spirituality, dominion, Godlikeness, awakeness. Spirit's image, man, is spiritually awake now and always, for in God, infinite Spirit, there is no hypnosis, mesmerism, or apathy, and nothing exists outside of infinite Mind. In Spirit and spiritual consciousness there is no time or occasion for sin, disease, and death, because there is no place for matter or belief in it.

Since spiritual perfection is everlasting, we should not wait until next week to declare and realize that man is every whit whole, free from temptation, abundantly blessed. Not even until tomorrow should we postpone the expulsion of superstitious beliefs and the conquest of their physical results. Nor need we delay until the next hour the experience of harmony which God is everlastingly imparting to His image. We apprehend good only as we reflect it and reflect it now.

Items of Interest
Items of Interest
February 24, 1934

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