When I became interested in Christian Science the...

When I became interested in Christian Science the affairs of my life seemed to be in such a turmoil that any hope of harmony and happiness had been abandoned. Soon after I took up the earnest study of Christian Science, it was pointed out to me by a practitioner that my life could become happy and harmonious if I adhered to its teachings. I endeavored to comply with this requirement, and soon despair was replaced with hope, and I began to feel the protecting hand of God.

My first healing was of a long-standing desire for drink. At first I could not concede that it was right for me to be healed of this habit, because I had so many friends who drank; and I feard that to stop would mean losing these friends. I was asked by the practitioner if I cared to lose the desire for drink, and I answered in the affirmative; and within a fortnight my desire for strong drink had completely left me, never to return. The remarkable part of this healing was the fact that those so-called friends whom I feared I should lose, began to disappear and new friends who did not drink replaced them. Some of my old friends also lost their desire for drink and later became interested in Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
I feel the urge to express through this testimony my...
January 6, 1934

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