Many years ago, when Christian Science was in its infancy,...

Many years ago, when Christian Science was in its infancy, and there was only a small society in our city, my husband was healed through the help of a member of that society. At that time the doctor told him that an operation was necessary; this he would not have because he was so weak from loss of blood that he could hardly walk. The milkman who came every morning told us of how his wife had been healed of gallstones through Christian Science, and added that it heals all manner of disease. This seemed very beautiful to us. He then made arrangements for us to meet a practitioner. My husband asked for treatments and was healed in one month.

We purchased Science and Health, but as we had had our schooling in Germany the English language seemed difficult for us to understand; and being satisfied with our church the healing was soon forgotten. Science and Health was put away on a high shelf. We again seemed satisfied in the old way of fear and worry, and in time of sickness we sent for a doctor. But there came another testing time. My invalid mother came to live with us. She and my father had lived alone in a small town for a good many years, and seemingly it was difficult for her to live in a family with eight children. There was much self-pity and resentment entertained on both sides, and our home was far from happy. In this mental state I went to visit a friend and told her my troubles. This friend reminded me of the healing my husband had had in Christian Science, and told me that there was a German translation of Science and Health. I purchased a copy. That was twenty-two years ago. I read and reread the textbook many times in German, but could not understand it. I then started to read it in English, and little by little the light came. "Only by the illumination of the spiritual sense, can the light of understanding be thrown upon this Science" (Science and Health, p. 461).

Testimony of Healing
I should like to join the many people who are testifying...
January 6, 1934

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