I should like to join the many people who are testifying...

I should like to join the many people who are testifying in our Christian Science periodicals to the healing and regenerating power of Christian Science, and to thank God with them for that wonderful messenger of His goodness and power to this age—Mary Baker Eddy. Christian Science has healed me of much self-pity and of a sense of loneliness and of being useless and unwanted. I have learned in Christian Science that none of God's children can be useless or unwanted.

Some thirteen years ago a dear sister, a devoted worker and practitioner in Christian Science, seeing my great need, asked me to read Science and Health and offered to lend me a copy. I had noticed how much Christian Science had done for her, but never supposed it would help me. I took the book, however, and promised to read it just to please her, for I was very grateful to her for the kindness and sympathy she had shown me in the great loss and sorrow I had been suffering. As I look back on that first reading of our great and priceless textbook, I recall with surprise the extraordinary antagonism and questionings it raised in my thought. It was, no doubt, the antagonism of the carnal mind to all spiritual inspiration. I am so grateful for the gentle patience with which my many questions and arguments were met and answered. Having read the book, I tried to put it down and forget it, but in spite of doubts and questionings, that wonderful first chapter, on Prayer, had so pierced the darkness and had given me such an illuminated glimpse of that divine Love which is our Father-Mother God, that, though it seemed too marvelously good to be true, I could not forget it; and so gradually I was guided and led out of that dark night of human fear and disappointed hope "into Spirit through better health and morals and as the result of spiritual growth" (Science and Health, p. 485).

Testimony of Healing
My first physical healing was of a severe fracture of my...
January 6, 1934

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