I did not come into the fold of Christian Science through...

I did not come into the fold of Christian Science through healing; in fact, I did not know I had need of healing. That which attracted me to this Science was what I conceived to be its wonderful philosophy. I was soon to learn that it is more than a theory—that it is extremely practical. Very early in my investigation it was made clear to me that I had many things of which to be healed; many wrong thoughts to be corrected. As these wrong thoughts began to give place to more correct thinking concerning God and my relation to Him, and when I had gained an insight into what our Leader's teachings are presenting and proving to the world, I began to see what Jesus meant when he said, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also." According to the record, the thing that he did most often was to heal the sick. Now if I were to do the things he did, and in the same way that he did, then the healing should be done instantly.

My first experience of instantaneous healing was with a defective tooth. In spite of the dentist's dire predictions I was healed when I saw that God's law governs, and that dental laws are false laws and have no power. Quickly the pain in that tooth was gone, never to return. That was twenty-six years ago. On another occasion, while on a business trip, I was healed of rheumatism.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science came into my experience over twenty...
January 6, 1934

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