Dependable Currency

From earliest times there appears to have been some medium of exchange used by men in business. Among primitive peoples the medium of exchange was simple, but the complexities which have arisen in connection with modern business with its intertwining and interdependent credit systems, together with the expansion of international trade, have resulted in many disturbing complications in currency conditions. Statesmen of many nations are endeavoring to evolve some safe financial policy by means of which an adequate and dependable currency may be made available.

A hopeful and helpful sign of the times is noted in the increasing recognition that wrong mental conditions are responsible for the dislocations and disturbances in the business world. Several leading economists have pointed out repeatedly that selfishness, greed, injustice, and fear are responsible for the business difficulties and disasters which have been affecting practically every nation during the past few years. These economists have seen and stated that the need of the business world is not for more money so much as for confidence and unselfish coöperation. Without confidence, they state, the most ingenious human system will prove inadequate. But men's fear and their mutual distrust of each other seem to operate as deterrents to the establishment of the needed confidence.

Items of Interest
Items of Interest
January 6, 1934

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