From childhood I had suffered greatly from asthma

From childhood I had suffered greatly from asthma. Many material remedies were used, including change of climate and the inhaling of smoking powders, but without any lasting benefits. Christian Science was then presented to me. When I was suffering so from an acute attack that I had not been able to lie down and sleep for six days and nights, but had been propped up in a high-back chair, I asked a Christian Science practitioner for help. Within half an hour I had received relief so that I could lie down and sleep. Treatment was continued until the complete healing came. I have never had another attack of asthma.

If Christian Science had never accomplished anything more for me other than this one healing, I should always be grateful; but after eleven years as a student of Christian Science I am experiencing better health, freedom from fear, and more happiness and harmony than I ever thought possible. It has changed my whole outlook on life. We have had many healings in our home. Our little girl, when four years old, was healed of an abscess in the ear. Because of the fear held by members of the family, a physician was consulted. He said that the abscess was not fully developed and that we should wait. But having previously received so much benefit from Christian Science I called a practitioner and was ready to depend entirely upon it. Our fears were completely destroyed, and within an hour or two the fever and pain had entirely gone, and there were no after effects. I feel that it is a privilege for the child to attend the Christian Science Sunday School, where she is learning to apply this teaching.

Testimony of Healing
From the following it will be evident how much gratitude...
January 6, 1934

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