A School Query

[Written Especially for Young People]

The query, "What shall we do about our school subjects that are contrary to the teachings of Christian Science?" is frequently made by students in schools and colleges. The answer to this query is being found through faithful study of Christian Science. The Christian Science Sunday Schools and the Christian Science Organizations at universities and colleges are particularly helpful in this respect, because they are able to provide opportunities for gaining an intimate knowledge of how to meet the difficulties peculiar to students in schools and colleges.

Before answering the query it is helpful to consider what subject are opposite to the teachings of Christian Science. Certain so-called sciences will immediately present themselves to thought, because they are based on the assumption that matter is real and indestructible. A thoughtful consideration, however, will show that almost all school subjects rest more or less on this same foundation. Even art and literature are for the most part designed to satisfy the so-called material senses; and in Christian Science we know that these senses bear false witness regarding matter.

"We shall be"
September 2, 1933

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